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February 12, 2006


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What is it about blogging that keeps me going despite the fact that I never went in for journal writing, or ever kept a diary? Is it the audience? Has to be, I think. Ive had a lot of fun... [Read More]

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The Carnival of Childrens Literature. Much fun. ... [Read More]

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» The First Carnival of Children's Literature from Jen Robinson's Book Page
If you like children's books, you simply must check out the First Carnival of Children's Literature, hosted and organized by Melissa Wiley at Here in the Bonny Glen. Melissa has assembled a veritable feast of links to articles by parents, [Read More]

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Congratulations are in order for Melissa Wiley of Here in the Bonny Glenn for the highly successful launch of the very first edition of The Carnival of Children's Literature. Long may the midway prosper! [Read More]


Alice Gunther

Hurrah for Bonny Glen's Carnival of Literature! This will keep us warm as we dig out from the weekend blizzard.


A wonderful feast. Thank you! I posted a link at my blog : )


Thanks, Melissa, for putting this together. I really enjoyed reading through all the entries. By the way, I'd be happy to host(ess) the carnival some month if you're looking for people to do that.


Great fun! Thanks!


Jen Robinson

Thanks so much Melissa. This is truly wonderful! I can't wait to spend more time digging in to all of the links. I did include a link from my site. Thanks!


Thanks Melissa, This was an excellent idea! I love childrens lit. and this looks like a great variety of things to read on that topic.


Lovely, Melissa. Nice work & a great roundup. I just posted a notice for the party at Chicken Spaghetti on March 17th.


Wonderful job, Melissa. Many thanks, and I can't wait to dig through everything when we get back.


This is fabulous! Thanks for all the hard work!


Gorgeous work, Melissa. Thank you so much for doing this! I'm still linking through :)


Thank you, Melissa. This was fascinating. I appreciate your effort.

Chris Barton

Here it is Wednesday, and I'm still trying to get through all these posts -- there's so much here to savor. Thank you much, Melissa, for taking the time to put this together.

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