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April 03, 2006



We're all anxiously waiting here too!!! Even if it's a week after the week! Praying for a beautiful and safe delivery, hugs!


If you manage to hold on for 2 weeks, she'll have the same b-day as me ;)


When we had the ultra sound with our now 2 year old son, the normal 2D kind. The tech showed us a picture of his face and said "who does he look like?" and we both saw the 'Clump nose' my husband's family is known for. And everyone in his family we showed the pictures to saw the same thing.

Love2learn Mom

That is so cool!!!!

Melissa Wiley

Too funny, Ron--then we'd have TWO birthday overlaps with your family. Mine & Emma's are the same. :)


I'm checking every day just to see if something's happening...

By the way, when is that next manuscript due? If you can't tell that...did you promise a post about books with a Scottish history theme? Or did I miss that?

Cay in La.

Did you go back and get the 3D pics of *your* baby?

What a great post.

If you hold off until April 11th, that's my b-day. And it's a grand day! ; )

Tomorrow is my mother's.

Or you can wait until April 16th for Easter. LOL Perhaps that's stretching things a bit.

Like Patty, I'm wondering when the next book is coming out.

Melissa Wiley

I'll have news about Martha and Charlotte soon. As for the promised Scotland unit study post, it's on the way...just working on the links. :) UPDATE: I'm going to go ahead and post it as a work in progress--just in case I disappear on you before I get it finished!

April 11 could happen, Cay! The 6th is my dad's birthday, so that would be nice too. Or Palm Sunday, maybe.

Karen E.

Love the 3d story! We had one, too, with Ramona, and felt the same awe at seeing and knowing that face before she was born.

Now ... things guaranteed to bring on labor: plans. Set aside a day to get the taxes done, and you're sure start contracting. :-)

Mary Ellen Barrett

What a great story. I hope you go soon, the last few weeks can be so trying. Did the other poor mom ever get her picture back? Did you get yours?

I go tomorrow for my first (of many I am told) 3D for the twins. I can't wait to see them.

I'll keep checking and praaying for a safe delivery.


Sweet post! Love your blog and linked it recently. Thanks and best wishes with the arrival!


How neat that you knew your baby so well already. Praying for a happy and safe delivery. God Bless!


Oh...I hope I get to see 3D pictures of my baby too! That is so cool!

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