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May 07, 2006



Thank you for taking the time to write this. It is great to see those pegs in action, and I think it is so great for children to have the confidence of knowing what to expect in their day--especially when the activities are all so pleasant and meaningful.

Mary G in Greenville


Thanks so much for expalining "pegs"in practical terms. this is a great post that I'll be printing out and musing over, and USING over and over again!


Jenn Miller

Oh, this is just so wonderful to see it all laid out. Thanks for such a thorough description. This is one to print!


Thank you so much for writing on this! It has really helped me.


This makes so much sense. I need to take another look at our schedule and see where the pegs are here. Thanks!


You got me thinking about all the good pegging I could do, and also the pegging I could do without: television during breakfast and horsing around while getting ready for bed. I plan to be more deliberate on what we peg!


Love the peg system, we have ours too and the kids thrive with it! I love the idea of music with breakfast, we usually have piano practice directly after, but listening to a piece during would be a lovely way to wake up. Thanks so much for sharing this!


Thanks for sharing. I'm hooked on learning all your 'not supermom' secrets. It's such common sense information like this that I need, while we are in the thick of it.


Thanks for this post. I think we already do a lot of pegging and it's good to have something to call it and make it a tad more formalized. I have just been trying to keep my head above water since the babies were born, and it's good to see how someone else with a larger family does it. (Also thanks for posting the link to Large Family Logistics!) While we've always had a routine, I've had a problem with trying to fit some square pegs into round holes (ahem). So it's nice to see how you are making all this work in a fashion which seems very workable and also individual. Sonetimes my problem is that I seem to need permission (of sorts) to do things differently than the way I think I'm "supposed" to do them.


Thanks for writing this, we also do alot of pegging, though I'd never identified it as such. They are the highlights of our day, the parts where if we don't do it, I hear about it! Not read during lunch - horrors! Play anything but Classical for schooling - I get lectured on the Mozart effect! LOL! Perhaps I shouldn't have brought dd to quite so many of my college classes.


I love the idea of 'pegs.' It makes so much sense! My sister-in-law sent me here after I wrote about my desire to find a balance between regimented/flexible scheduling. I like what I see!

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