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May 18, 2006


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» Congratulations are in Order from Jen Robinson's Book Page
Three of my fellow kid lit bloggers are due for congratulations today. Tasha Saecker, the creator of the wonderful Kids Lit blog, has just accepted a new position as the next director of the Menasha Public Library in Wisconsin. The [Read More]



Congratulations, Melissa! That's a cool gig. And $$ for blogging--excellent!


Welcome to the world of Clubbing Moms! Can't wait to see yours roll out! Let us know as soon as you get it going!

Congrats on the gig!


I'll visit you where ever you blog. Congratulations!

Jenn Miller

Fabulous news, Lissa. Looking forward to the new blog...and always enjoying my visit here. Thanks for the link to my food blog. I am honored to be included.

Carrie K.

Congratulations! I'm one of the Go-To Moms for homeschooling over at Club Mom - have been since December - which involves writing two articles per month. What an awesome thing to get paid to do something you love!


Hey, I applied for that gig, and didn't get it- and I feel much better about that now that I know who did.=)

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