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June 25, 2006



Thank you, Lissa, for being so quotable and for having so many wonderful linkable bits!

By the way, asked the Luddite, how does one determine who one's top 11 (or 10 or even 2) referrers are?


Thank YOU Lissa, for all the ideas and wisdom you share here!! I'm honored to have my blog linked to/with/from yours in any way! :)

Karen E.

Ditto on the thanks to *you* Lissa.

Your delightful, eminently readable and full-of-info blog is one of my favorite places to visit. I sometimes have to restrain myself from linking to you *more* often (inherent dangers: my readers might say, "Why don't I just skip Karen and go straight to Lissa?" or, "I wonder how much Lissa pays her?" or "Are they related or something? What's up with THAT?" :-)

Liz B

You're welcome. And thanks for the cool idea!

Melissa Wiley

Becky, the main way I track what links my visitors are coming from is MyBlogLog. I don't use their paid option so I only have stats for the past three days, but I can check it for a list of my top ten referrers each day.

The service also shows you which of YOUR links people are clicking on the most. Very interesting--it's often not what I'd expect.


Jen Robinson

You're very welcome, Lissa! And thank you for being such an inspiration in your blogging (the joy you take from it, the success you've had with it, etc.). Happy July 4th!


We keep on coming back because we like hearing about other families like ours - who happen to live thousands of miles away!
We also use mybloglog, and sitemeter and statcounter. All free, although as MyBlogLog is pretty cheap we use the "pro" version.

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