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September 23, 2006



You what is really funny? Although the Dr Pepper jingle was very memorable, it actually was not very effective at selling Dr. Pepper. People who tended to drink Dr Pepper were not folks who wanted to be one of the crowd (if they were then they would drink Coke or Pepsi!). If I remember correctly, Dr Pepper changed their marketing strategy to reflect this.

I remember learning about this in one of my marketing classes in college. The lesson is that you should know your target market and that a popular ad campaign does not always result in higher sales...

Thanks for the flashback!

Christine  M

Watching those made me thirsty!

Love2learn Mom

That's hysterical!

Karen E.

Too funny! Ramona just said, "Can I see it again??" but Betsy said, "That is too weird...."

Another bit of trivia: isn't the Pepper Guy the American Werewolf who was in London?


Oh, without a doubt, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpQkLixHz1s) is television's finest moment.


Kay, my husband was A Pepper for Halloween one year. He was that dancing guy. It was a classic. Everyone had to ask what he was and we he answered, "I'm a Pepper", there was a pause and then after it registered people died laughing!

Ida O.


I'd like to buy the world a coke.


Are kids still allowed to:

a) drink Kool Aid
b) drink for an actual GLASS??
We do both at our house!

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