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September 25, 2006



Thanks for sharing but if you read all those notebooks you'll NEVER get packed :-)

Rebecca B.

What an amazing girl she is to have gone through all of that. And what an amazing mother you are to have made her so happy during it all. You both really are blessed aren't you?

Carrie K.

I haven't been reading your blog long, but I still feel as if I "know" you and your Jane. I cried through this post - how awesome where she is today. God is good.

Leslie in Springfield

I'm ever so grateful that Jane made it through those terrible days, and that the worry and stress drove you to write instead of driving you to madness. I'll never read your "Highlands" book in quite the same way again, as images of you with a laptop next to a sleeping Jane will always be in the back of my mind. What a path you took through such a dark time-- and all of your readers are the richer for it. I hope all the days to come are easier for you than the days of 1997.

Karen E.

You've got me in tears. Again. God is so good. He gave your sweet Jane the gift of her life, and he gave us the gift of you, your family and your books.


Thank you for sharing those intimate moments with us! I noticed the dates of some of your entries...my dd was born in Oct. 97. I thought of how lost in my world I was (with good reason with new baby)but it also made me commit to keep those suffering with illness in my prayers. I'm so happy for your family.


Thanks for sharing the days with your beautiful little girl with us. I'm so thankful she has made a full recovery.

Jennie C.

I cried through this whole post. It makes my own worries seem paltry, indeed. But, Jove is right. If you keep reminiscing, you'll never get packed. It's better to read them on the other end, when you UNpack.

Melissa Wiley

LOL, y'all are hard taskmasters! After packing for twelve hours, pausing only to shovel food into the younguns, can't a girl take a break? :) :)


Wow. That must be one of those times when you look back and wonder just how you survived it. Thank you for that beautiful look into a terribly difficult time.


My son was born the same day Jane finished her last IV chemo. What a fighter she is (and her parents ;-).

My youngest has been officially in remission for 8 months now!

God is, indeed, good.

Dell (PrairieFrogs)

What a poignant entry! Thank you for sharing it, and drawing us into that hospital room with you. I must confess I find my heart longing to see a picture of Jane today, just to convince myself she’s really ok.

Rejoicing at God’s goodness.

Mary Beth P

What a beautiful post! You never cease to inspire me! Jane (and all of you)is(are) still in my prayers daily! I'm so glad summer/fall of '98 made us all much happier!


I've been thinking "we really should get those Laura's grandmother books", but not actually doing it. I am determined to get them now, and will read them with a whole new perspective!

Elizabeth Foss

In the absence of a Jane picture, let me assure you that she has a full head of beautiful, thick, honey-colored hair. And she is very much alive--around here, we say she's "full of life!"


My daughters are all "Martha" book lovers. I know they will be as inspired by the story of the author as they are by the books themselves.


I have been a visitor to your lovely blog for months now but have never left a comment. I wanted to tell you though what an inspiration you are through this blog. I just started "Highlands" with my youngest daughter (which we are enjoying immensely!) and I will certainly be thinking of your family, the ordeal you've all been through, and the happy outcome as we continue reading the book.


i loved this!! the peek into the life of one of my favorite authours

mary mi

I'm in tears.

You could write a book about THAT!

It's riviting.

At least I think so.
God bless you Lissa and we at 'glorie' are praying for you.

And 'Jove' is right.
You'll never finish packing if you keep reading your notebooks.


We are reading the Martha books in our homeschool this year. Thank you for sharing your story of tragedy & triumph!

Our Magnum Opus

This is Bridget's daughter, Monica. I'm glad Jane is okay. I love your books. This post made me cry. I don't think any other post on any other blog made my eyes water as much. Please write more books.


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Thank you for sharing... found your blog by hitting the random button on the OA Blog ring... Do you do Ambleside Online?


Wow....I've been reading your blog for a month now and have already read one of the Martha books (more being ordered for Christmas!). Thank you for a post that made my heart feel everything you felt in that hospital room. That's what a truly gifted author does. It also gave me a fresh perspective on what's been a horrible day with my strong willed little one...the worst day of butting heads is nothing when I realize how precious she is to me. Thanks for letting remember...I'll be back alot more often! Good luck with your move!
Laurel in PA

Melissa Wiley

Dell, that's Jane in my banner image up at the top--she's the bigger girl, the one on the left. That photo was taken summer of '05 on top of a mountain quite close by. :)

Oh, and I have a photo album at the Lilting House--there's at least one Jane pic there!

Myrna Mai

Thank you for sharing a very hard part of your life. I read the "Martha" books recently, and your post adds more depth to a wonderful story. I love the "Martha" and "Charlotte" books and all things Laura! Bless you, and I'm so glad that your little girl is doing well.

Jen L.

You've got me crying too. You DEFINITELY deserved the break to stop and read some and PLEASE share somemore when you open the box in sunny California!


Hi Lissa, I missed this post (I know, I've missed many!). But wanted to say how much I loved it -- I knew that she went through a lot health-wise but reading all this really touched me. And I will always, always remember her curls. She's a beautiful child and you are so blessed to have her. (I'm sure you already knew that but...)

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