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October 24, 2006



My boys have alwys enjoyed comic books - the Archie ones have been favourites, here, too.

Yesterday, my 10 year old was re-reading Garfield comics in the car - and sharing bits with the rest of us.

Melissa Wiley

Leonie, I totally agree that collections of comic *strips* like Garfield or Peanuts can make great reading for kids. We are huge Charlie Brown fans around here! Because the strips are published first in newspapers, I think the content tends to be much tamer than what is considered mainstream for monthly superhero comic books nowadays.


My kids love Calvin and Hobbes books too.

Mary Beth P

My boys are really into superheroes these days, too. Whenever they have a question, I tell them, "Ask Uncle Darren!"


"Their Dad is the coolest"!!!!This is the common agreement here in Chicago about Scott from my boys ages 41 and 6! We are all about Superheroes. I had to Google about how Flash and GreenLantern got their powers on Christmas morning. :)

Jen L.

3 things:
1) Thanks for the info on these comic-book books. They look great!
2) I highly recommend the "Picture Bible" which is in comic book form. The kids' devour it http://www.amazon.com/Picture-Bible-Iva-Hoth/dp/0781430550/sr=1-1/qid=1162011300/ref=pd_bbs_1/002-9756465-0456064?ie=UTF8&s=books (don't know how to link, sorry) and

3) I just had to tell you what beautiful weaving appears in the background here! ;-)

The Zero Boss

"my hubby writes and edits comic books for a living"

Wow. And I love to brag about my film critic wife's job. I think i finally found someone who trumps that. :)

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