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December 21, 2006



LOLOLOL I can relate. Completely. Except for the poop and stuff, well i can sort of relate to the poop and stuff but the poopy people are grown ups so they don't generally get it in their eyebrows. Thank goodness.


Loved all the videos except for the last one. Couldn't watch it - was afraid of what would come up from the manhole cover! Especially after your comment re: dead rat.


Which is why housekeeping schedules are not a regular feature of life in my house.

I can so relate to the grocery store thing. I hope you concluded the elderly strangers were right about your children. I suspect your judgement of their behaviour was clouded by your anger at yourself.

Mama Squirrel

Melissa, you have been through a lot--that's all I can say. Have a well-deserved Merry Christmas.

Mary G



Right there with you on the holiday cards. I ordered the first week in November. Does that count for something when folks receive them in mid January? ;)

Steve the LLamabutcher

Turn, turn, turn...

Jenny in Ca

oh wow, you have been up to your eyeballs!
amoxicillian, I remember it well...my oldest as a baby hated it, and dribbled and goohed it everywhere somehow. Ask for the fruity smelling white stuff next time, if the Dr. is open to suggestion, I finally did.(augmentum, I think?)
-I am so impressed the dmv called you back. I would have laughed on the phone if they had even said they would!
-I can't even find the closet in my girls room. that is my next project.

I hope your christmas was relaxing and wonderful!

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