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January 08, 2007


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Melonie K. (Stop The World)

This is exactly how my own mother handled music appreciation when I was growing up. Of course, my mom has incredibly (to put it mildly!) eclectic tastes and it was the '70s, so I heard everything from Flight of the Bumblebee to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Beethoven to Berlin to Ozzy Osborne...yeah, you get the idea. *chuckle* Long before either of us had a clue what "homeschooling" was, my ma was doing it. (We like to say I "ATTENDED public and DoD schools, but LEARNED at home". heehee)

This is exactly how I then handled the issue in my own home, first with my (then) step-daughter and then with my own Little. Turns out that the Baby Einstein soundtracks can be delicious for this sort of thing if you've got a wee one. When my baby girl would go to Gramma's, she'd be asked "do you want to hear Baby Beethoven or rock and roll?" She actually placed requests by humming part of Beethoven's 5th when she was just starting solid food. (Then again, her way of saying, Yeah, Gramma, let's do the rock thing was to bounce around and "headbang" like Gramma did. THANKS, Ma!)

Cheryl Hart

Ah yes, the "hum hum hum hummmmmmm" meant classical, and the head banging did mean rock, though I have to admit I did try to get her to "bum bum bum, bum bum babum" of Smoke on the Water! Not that I would encourage my grandchild to be more than a tad unusual. No, of course not, not this Gramma!


This is how we do music study, too! :-)

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