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February 13, 2007



It's funny you mention Anne, Emily, Laura and Betsy as your literary role models. Some times reading this blog feels strongly reminiscent of reading Little Women for the first time. Especially the first half of the book.

Melissa Wiley

Well, I am definitely an Alcott enthusiast--I really think Little Men helped shape me into the homeschooler I turned out to be. I used to write stories in which I was a student at Plumfield!


My wife and I just finished reading Little Women out loud to each other. It is such a good book. I know my daughters will love it when they are old enough.


Thanks for the tip, Lissa. We have loved the Betsy-Tacy books but are closer to the beginning of the series. It is hard for me to believe, looking at my overflowing book shelves, that I alone am not able to support these publishing companies.

A tip for your readers-Heaven to Betsy is available at Rainbow Resource.


My husband is going to forbid me to keep reading your blog if I keep going out and ordering bunches of books online after I read!

Thanks for the heads-up. I've ordered the first five, and will try to keep up with the rest to save for when the kids are old enough. (And to enjoy myself in the meantime - I'm sure I will since I love most of the other books you talk about.)


My Amazon account... it weeps... so tired... :)
We read Betsy-Tacy and Tib, but I didn't know she wrote stories for older girls. How exciting!

Kristen Laurence

I'm going to go broke with all these books going out of print! Thank you, Lissa, for the heads up. Back to Amazon.


Just when I was about to give up my credit card for Lent!

I would love to hear from you and your readers about other "must own" children's classics, come join the conversation at


elena maria vidal

I am glad that I have so many of those old books already since it seems they are disappearing. I want my children to enjoy what I enjoyed.


I have had a Heaven to Betsy book since I was 14. It was my favorite book and I never knew there were more in the series. I'll have to guard my book a little more carefully now. Thanks for the info!


It sounds like I would have loved these as a child. How did I miss them? Thanks for the chronological list. It's nice to know exactly what I have to look forward to!

April R

I just started a book club for 3rd grade girls at my daughter's school. Yesterday was our first meeting and Betsy-Tacy was our first book. We loved it! We decided to continue next month with Betsy, Tacy and Tib.


I've actually never read Little Men, but I'm starting to learn a little more about L's father, Amos Bronson Alcott. I think some of the ideas about education that came through in LW were based on Bronson's philosophies.

Envisioning a meeting between Charlotte Mason and Bronson Alcott gives me the giggles.


We always felt we had no supporters at Harper once Ginee Seo left so I am glad to hear you became a fan there. Hope to see you at the convention in Mankato next summer!

Emily is one of my favorites but parts of it are very dark. I have been thinking about it since the news yesterday that LMM committed suicide. We know that MHL was sometimes depressed about her failed college career.

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