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May 17, 2007


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Jennifer in OR

Wow, your Low-Tide Days are causing my brain to absolutely dance! The creativity is overflowing, and we would all like to come live with you. :-)

Christine  M

Sounds like a great day - except maybe for the baby possible eating an ant.


Sounds like a fun day! Your kids must just be delightful! And what baby doesn't want to eat an ant or two now and agin? Adds spice to the otherwise bland diet of floor-toast-crumbs and stale cheerios from the couch. Or is that just MY baby?


Wow, it sounds like a fun day, except for the bath. Do you think I could borrow Jane for about a week? I can't remember what I did yesterday so remembering characters in books are out!


Jane and the circus lion - absolute favorite here too.


I love the Noel Streatfield books. This makes me look forward to Claire being old enough to read them with me.

It sounds like a generally fabulous day.

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