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June 14, 2007



Thank you for this!

Christine  M

This is great - I think I can use this with my little "hot head" - Thanks.


This reminds me of my friend Amber, who has a wonderful metaphor she uses with her 4 year old when he starts to resist going along with whatever they need to do to get on with their day (getting dressed, getting back out of the pool when it's time to stop swimming, coming off the playground, etc - those types of transitions are really hard for him).

She says, "Elyjah, do you want to take the Easy Street or the Hard Road? Do you remember how much better you feel when you take Easy Street? Which way do you want to go today?"

And you can see his little mind just churning, his little heart churning, as he struggles with his desire to do what he wants versus what he's been asked to do. But by being given the choice to either take Easy Street or the Hard Road, he gains some power back no matter what he chooses, and Amber does a great job rewarding him with something small whenever he does choose Easy Street. I have TOTALLY filed this away in my repertoire for when I have children. Ditto with the horse and cup. Great post!


wow...thanks for the metaphor.

Mary Beth P

Thanks a lot- I have been struggling a lot with shouting at my kids- I feel so terrible after, and vow to not do it anymore, but then fall into the habit again. I think I will try your suggestions!


Oh, these are very helpful metaphors for me today, thank you!


Thank you! My 8yo is struggling with her temper, which is not helped when I over react.


Thank you! My 8yo is struggling with her temper, which is not helped when I over react.


Great post! Some people have a natural gift for analogies and metaphores; I'm lacking in that department myself. I am reminded of a book I read for a Marriage and Family class in college: The Language of Love by Gary Smalley (not to be confused with The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman). Gary Smalley talks about the power of word pictures in that book, I need to pull it out and review it myself.


Great post! Thanks for the reminders about word pictures. I wrote a post not too long ago based on a quote from Amy Carmichael. She said, "A cup brimful of sweetness cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, no matter how suddenly it is jarred." My paraphrase--Whatever you are filled up with will spill out when you are bumped.
And the horse and bridle picture comes right out of James 3 talking about the controlling our tongue.
Great reminders! Thanks!!

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