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June 09, 2007


Love2learn Mom

Yes, I have! I discovered it (and we have since enjoyed it) through your blog awhile back and I included it both in the Unit study and in the sidebar of the Architecture blog. (Thanks for the link, by the way).

By the way, I have to also credit your family with our most recent no-training-wheels bike rider. I believe it was an old post on Scott's blog that alerted me to the idea of taking off the pedals. Perfecto! :)


I'm so glad you enjoyed the video and SketchUp. I didn't know about Craft! I should probably not go there. :)


I SO LOVE the O'Reilly publications! I purchased my 11 yo a Make subscription for Christmas...a gift that goes down in the annals as "a gift that mommy wants for herself and subsequently rationalizes by purchasing it instead for one of her children..."

There's a skippety robot in this issue...and a tutorial on making self-sustaining biospheres and...even more helpful? A list of books reviewed for someone like me who looks at a lot of the projects in MAKE, yells out "Coooooooool!" and then remembers that she is a girl and an English major and so is illiterate in Electrical Engineeringese...

And I have a GIANT internet crush on Bre Pettis (http://www.imakethings.com/).

susanna eve

craft magazine and their website are great. The newsstand price for the magazine is quite high but if you go to the website, you can subscribe to the digital only version for a lot less.

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