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July 03, 2007



We just finished Heidi. You were so right. It is one of my favorites. I want to borrow the movie from the library, but I didn't realize how many versions there are. Any tips on the "best" one?

I think my all time favorite adaptation of a children's book to screen (keep in mind that I haven't seen that many, so this may change in the years to come) is the animated version of Charlotte Web narrated by Hamner.

The girls love Homeward Bound (the one with Michael Fox as one of the dogs). Didn't realize until I looked at the year 4 booklist for Ambleside that this is actually based on a book. Since I haven't read the book, I wouldn't know how it compares, but the movie sure is cute and family friendly!!

Lastly, for the little ones, we love the Beatrix Potter Collection Vol. 1 from the World of Peter Rabbit and Friends produced by TVC London. It is so soothing and nice for quiet time in the car on long trips.

One more. The Broadway version of Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby. Outstanding and very true to the book. Not available through retail, but lots of copies on ebay for $20. Well worth the price. We are big Peter Pan fans and this does not disappoint. It is a true live recording of an actual performance.

Done. Love your new pic on Bonny Glen!!!


Oh, I don't know. We actually enjoyed the Disney version of Little House on the Prairie quite a bit. Much better than the TV show. But I wanted to chime in that I love your new photo too - you are cute, cute, cute. In a totally harmless-I'm-not-stalking- you-or-anything kind of way.


We've been watching Frontier House, the series from PBS. We just finished the original Little House series so it's fun to see modern people trying to live like they did back then.

We also really enjoyed One Night with the King, and Bridge to Terebithia.


I think you'd all love The Secret of Roan Inish.


Oh, you've asked a question close to my heart!

I just finished watching "Anne of Green Gables" and then I watched the 1975 BBC version of "Anne of Avonlea", which encompasses both that book and "Anne of the Island". The acting and camera work on this one leaves something to be desired, but it is so true to the book that I just sobbed when it was over!

Also, they have TONS of excellent IMAX DVDS! The beaver one got 5 stars from me. Who knew that Beavers could be so entertaining?

Love2learn Mom

We have kind of wildly eclectic tastes in movies (and I second the Railway Children recommendation and a number of the others already mentioned in the comments). Here are a few of our other favorites in the general family fare category:

Night at the Museum
Bringing Up Baby
Finding Nemo
A Bug's Life
Darby O'Gill and the Little People You Can't Take it With You
Building Big with David Macaulay (a few scary scenes for more sensitive types)
The Pacifier
Cheaper by the Dozen (1950s version)
Akeelah and the Bee (slight language issues)
I Remember Mama
Pride of the Yankees
Spirit of Saint Louis

I'm sure there are others I can't think of right now. Many of my kids - even the little ones - enjoy watching the Jane Austen films like Emma (the Gwenyth Paltrow one), Pride and Prejudice (esp. the BBC/A&E one) and Sense and Sensibility (the Emma Thompson one).


A Little Princess. NOT the shirley temple one. This one to me really captures some of the visuals of the book.


Some selections we've enjoyed from Netflix:

Nanny McPhee
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
National Velvet (old one with E. Taylor)
Fairy Tale: A True Story
Born Free
Iron Will
The Black Stallion
The Iron Giant
Boy's Town
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Captains Courageous
Miss Potter


We've been getting the BBC's Planet Earth shows. Everybody's loving them.


I think that we love all the movies on all of the list.
One of our favorites is Your,Mine,and Ours. The original with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda.


Lassie (2005 version)
Natl Geographic Inside the Vatican
Life with Father
Martha Stewart dvds
Mr Blanding...

Becky (the Farm School one...)

You don't want to ask me this question.

We have 300+ movies in our Zip queue (the Canadian equivalent of Netflix) lol.

I'll email you our list :). Mostly old movies -- just about anything with Fred Astaire, with and without Ginger; Gene Kelly; Jimmy Stewart (including Spirit of St. Louis from above); Hailey Mills; old movie musicals, old westerns, the Marx Brothers, various Shakespeare plays, Jane Austen, Kenneth Branagh including Shackleton.

Right now we've started on Connections, series 1, with James Burke. And we've got Pioneer House, Colonial House, etc. on the list to come. Oh, and the old Walt Disney cartoons -- Bugs Bunny and Robin Hood, etc.

We got the IMAX Beavers a few months ago -- amazing. And there's the Grey Owl b/w short at the end. We *adore* special features around here :)

PS If you get Railway Children, get the 1970 version, not the new one, which somehow had all the joy sucked out. Interestingly, Jenny Agutter, who played Bobbie in the 1970 version, is the mother in the latest one.


If you're going to watch "Emma" try the A&E/BBC version with Kate Beckinsale. The dancing is lovely, and the music - "Mr. Isaac's Maggot" is the theme music and the final dance. Enjoy!


Anything with Haley Mills! :-) I need to get some of those to watch with my daughters. Fun!


My 9 yo and I just finished reading Heidi, so I really would like to know which film version we should watch. He LOVED Heidi!

Leslie Kowalski

I was wondering which movie version of the Railway Children you are recommending? Also, an OT question to movies - I want to get Lilting House updates by email, but not all of the updates from club mom. How do I do this? Thanks, Leslie

Colleen Waller

Here are some things we've watched and enjoyed, with a note that some have language and/or mild sexual content that others might be uncomfortable with. Some would definitely be more appropriate for older, mature children. We tend to worry much more about violence at our house...
The Snow Walker
Mad Hot Ballroom
The Ron Clark Story (unique chance for my homeschooled kids to get a look at inner city New York schooling)
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
Rabbit Proof Fence
Follow Me, Boys!
The Apple Dumpling Gang
Eight Below
Song Catcher
Children of Heaven
Series wise, we've enjoyed The Waltons, All Creatures Great and Small, and the early years of Monarch of the Glen. My kids also liked As Time Goes By, although mainly this was a treat for their parents!!


My 3.5yr old has been really into the Sound of Music. I was shocked that she watched the entire thing and didn't get scared. We now listen to the CD nonstop in the car - she often requests Favorite Things on repeat. I also wanted to recommend Mary Poppins, The Parent Trap, and Matilda. Has anyone seen the new version of The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe? We're reading that as family right now but I wasn't sure if the movie would be appropriate for a 3.5 year old.


I'm a little late to the party here, but our family absolutely loved Howl's Moving Castle and we plan to watch all the Hayao Miyazaki films. I'm told (by Cher Mere) that Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Tortoro are especially good for younger kids (i.e., under 5).

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