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November 16, 2007



I'm so glad this will still be your home base - concentrated Melissa Wiley - how fun! It will probably be less time consuming for you.

Christine  M

I love reading what you write, no matter where you post it - I'm sure it will be much easier for you - you won't have to figure out which blog to post things to!


Judging from your profile picture, you are an amazing mother and you have your children's hearts! Its always a pleasure to find fellow homeschoolers in the blogosphere!
Keep at it... its worth everything!
- Jo


I read both your weblogs so it will be easier to just come to one. I know too how time consuming having more than one site can be, so I'm glad you're paring it down - you may have time to write more, and we can get more of your wisdom!


I want to say Welcome Home, though that's not exactly accurate of course! I'm glad you were able to keep the Lilting House archives.


Thanks for the reminder to update links! I read the post at Lilting House and thought 'no worries... I read via feed, it doesn't affect me at all) then read this and thought 'whoops!'

I _would_ have had some broken links—and then not been able to find the information I was _sure_ I'd noted:-) I find useful so much of what you write:-)

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