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January 20, 2008



Happy third birthday!

Love2learn Mom

Happy Birthday Bonny Glen! I like your new organization and I LOVE funny kid stories - I'm off to read your linked ones now. :)


Happy new blog year! How funny that you linked to the cherry cobbler. It may have been the very first post I read here and it was love at first read. :)

Wendy in VA (now in MD)

Happy birthday! :o)


Three years! Wow. Good work.


Happy blog birthday! I love that 'surp story. :) The blogworld is such a nicer place with you in it.

Christine  M

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bonny Glen. I'm so glad that you share these wonderful stories of yours with us. They make the world a brighter place. I love the ones you linked to - I was reading the one about your homemaking skills to my daughter and had to stop because I was laughing too much!


Thank you for the many fresh, real, and thoughtful moments you've given me. I've mined such good stuff here. Many happy returns!

sarah in va

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're the best. Did you know that the sidebars are one of my favorite parts of blogs??? I love checking out people's sidebars and seeing what they're reading, what their kids are reading, favorite sites or recently read posts to share. I feel like that's where I really get to "know" the person. Have a great day, Bonny Glen. Hugs.

Meredith from Merchant Ships

Congratulations on another successful year! Yours is one of my very favorite blogs.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to the auto-post of your links. As a loyal reader of feeds, I thank you.

Jen Robinson

Happy third birthday, Lissa! Your blog is an inspiration.

Activities Coordinator

When my blog grows up, I want it to be cool like yours.

Happy Blogday!

Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants

What? The supa-wonderful famous Melissa Wiley has been blogging only three years? Wow!

You know you have quite the following.

You have been an inspiration to me and so many other homeschooling moms.

Happy Birthday to HitBG!

Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants

Forgot to tell you- I've been following your del.icio.us bookmarks for a couple months.

Always great stuff in there!


Happy Blogaversary!

Thanks for putting yourself out there in this way. It really has made an amazing difference in the way I homeschool, and I can't thank you enough for that.


Mary Beth P

Congrats on 3 great years! I love your blog, it keeps me up to date on your family, as if we were still neighbors!

Mary Lee

Happy Blog Birthday from another who relies on GoogleReader. I look forward to peeking at your del.icio.us links -- great idea!

Julie Bogart

Happy Birthday Lissa's blog. :) We all love you, your writer and her family.

Helen (Mary Vitamin)

Happy Anniversary Lissa!


It's wonderful to read you blog. Happy Birthday!


Happy Bonny Blog Birthday! And many, many more, for purely selfish reasons :).

Alice Gunther

This blog will always be the gold standard for all others!

Thanks for three years of stories, humor, and, above all, joy!

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