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February 06, 2008



I just want to thank you for introducing me to Journey North. I hadn't heard of it before I read about it in one of your blog posts a nice while back. My 15yodd and I are really enjoying all the great learning available from the site.


Sorry we missed. I assumed no meeting for Ash Wednesday.
Also I didn't get your email (gmail)
until Thursday.
Hope to see you at the park today.


Thank you so much for this more detailed information, Lissa. We had our first Journey North gathering yesterday and everyone enjoyed it. We have four boys aged 10-13, half of whom had filled out the data sheets and half of whom didn't know what Journey North was about when they arrived. So, we spent a little over an hour just talking about the program, getting everyone up to date on data sheets, discussing the different methods of figuring out photoperiod and filling out the big graphs. I was glad that one of the other moms hung around to assist.

Thanks again for inspiring us to get up and go on this great "class!"

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