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January 15, 2009



Congratulations! How wonderful to have some modicum of gender balance in the family. ;-) Beautiful to see the joy on everyone's faces. His name makes him a good little Irishman! (now I get to wonder what all your other kids' real names are ... :-))

Kristen Laurence

Oh Lissa, he is beautiful (I don't care what Scott says :). Just gorgeous. I love his poundage - scrumptious indeed! Blessings to you all from the Laurences up north!

Mary G.

Lissa ... as your dh says "you rock"! What a bundle of wonder and the kids look great and you do too...

did he ever give you a chance at the pudding?


What a huge baby! :) He's as beautiful as the rest of your family. Congratulations!


Congratulations and welcome to the little Huckleberry :) !!


He's huge and huggable and loveable- and the pudding looks delicious ;) Glad you got SOME at least!


Don't you just love big strapping boys? I know that for us - it made me feel that my boy can absorb all the snuggles, smoochy kisses and rough and tumble his older sisters want to lavish on him! Congratulations to you and your family!!


I love those baby days and miss them!
Cherish those newborn days!

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