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March 30, 2007



You may think I'm kidding, but I can't wait! :) My dd's look like the one in the top right corner, but more of a light transparent pinkish shade *with sparkles.* Yes, envy us. LOL! Makes up for the boring coffee brown aid. :)


Oh, Melissa...I love the part about Beanie's plans. Sounds a lot like my almost-six-year-old's plan to "become a surgeon and then, while taking a break from the hospital, become a famous singer on CDs, then a veterinarian". A great age (aren't they all in their own ways?).

Mrs. Happy Housewife

Thanks for the field trip. This was really interesting.

Mary Beth P

He is such a doll! He looks like a "mini-Scott".


Aww, he looks so cute, patiently sitting there.


He is sitting there so sweetly! What a neat process. Tell Beanie that there are lots of other jobs that take neat molds too - dental or orthondontic assistant!


Awww . . . my little girl needed ear tubes at age 2 -- now that was an adventure! Poor fella. At least these molds come in cool colors!


"You can't poke at the goo, much as you might wish to"

best line ever.


How very cool to experience this process through you!

What a sweet young man!


I love cute kid shots! This post is a real service. Annika was terrified when she had to get ear molds made to get the special swim ear plugs to protect the tubes in her ears. Seeing the whole story in photos is a great way for kids to understand what's going on. Maybe you can link this post on your sidebar?

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