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April 25, 2007


Karen E.

Willa always puts things so beautifully. And, I loved this part of your post:

"More useful, in my opinion, is a good look at what the children do know, what they have connected with, because this view gives me the opportunity to strew the path with books or experiences that might expand the connection even further."

Exactly. Because isn't that what an education is supposed to do and be -- continual expansion of experience, connections and knowledge.


This is a very helpful discussion, Lissa and Karen. This part really zinged me because it is what I often find myself doing:

"I think this also keeps me looking at who my children really are instead of viewing them as sort of shadowy figures behind a superimposed amalgam of the accomplishments, habits, and knowledge I would like them to possess."

I wrote a bit more about it
and Karen is collecting all the Learning posts:
(I haven't figured out how to do those links as hyperlinks)

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